Postpartum Appointments

Postpartum appointments are held approximately 3 days after you give birth.  It is a time to celebrate your birth and ask any questions you may have as you enter the next phase of mothering. Postpartum appointments are catered to your own needs and questions, but typically include the following:

Birth processing

Breastfeeding support/questions

Questions regarding newborn care (feeding, bathing, swaddling, sleeping)

Post-birth self-care

Postpartum depression warning signs and prevention

Belly Binding

january 12, 2019

At your postpartum appointment I will “bind” your abdomen to gently guide your ribcage, belly, organs, muscles and hips back to their pre-pregnancy position.  My binding technique also supports your back, encourages healthy posture, and gently supports and firms your stomach.  I will teach you and your partner how to do the binding.

Your first bind is included in the price of your postpartum appointment.  If you would like additional binding done by myself, the price is $35/bind.  I recommend professional binding on days 3, 5, and 7 after birth.