About the Book


Making Empowered Choices for You and Your Baby

  Finally!  A resource that discusses the spiritual and scientific truths regarding childbirth.  Learn the benefits and risk of all types of births, and learn how to make safe and informed decisions regarding the birth of your child.  In addition, learn to trust in God’s divine design of childbirth, and discover the many ways He blesses and magnifies the birthing woman.

Childbirth offers a unique experience for women to draw closer to the Lord and benefit from many divinely designed blessings—spiritual, emotional, and physical. This relatable and rewarding book empowers women with valuable information that allows them to make informed decisions about birthing. Come to see the sacred nature of childbirth and put God and faith back in this miraculous process of bringing one of His children into the world.



“A must read for all couples preparing for the birth of their child! This compelling work combines the spiritual side of birth – something we all think about but don’t often talk about – with the current evidence about childbirth choices. This book is empowering for women and their families. It reminds us that God loves His daughters – and that He has lovingly designed birth for our blessing and benefit!”

—Nicki Hope, CPM, MSM

“This book moved me to tears. This book is specifically written for the LDS woman, however I feel that it speaks to everyone regardless of their faith or beliefs. Marie writes beautifully about women’s bodies being created perfectly for birth and about the sacred experience of pregnancy and birth.”

Charlotte Wilkes, CNM, APRN


“I love how this book provides up-to-date information and research regarding childbirth while at the same time recognizing the spiritual aspects of the process. The charts and worksheets included are very helpful in sifting through all the information. The Sacred Gift of Childbirth will increase your faith in God’s love for us and His ability to magnify us through the process of establishing families. It will arm you with the spiritual and scientific power to make the right decisions for your family regarding childbirth. I would have loved to have a book like this when I was pregnant with my first baby.”

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Section One: God’s Plan for Birth

Chapter 1: Childbirth is a Blessing, Not a Curse (Understanding a woman’s eternal role to be a mother.)

Chapter 2: How God Designed Birth (Understanding the normal process of childbirth, physically and physiologically.)

Chapter 3: The Magnification Process (Learning how women are strengthened and magnified during childbirth.)

Section Two: The Medicalization of a Miracle

Chapter 4: How Inductions and Epidurals Change Birth (Benefits and risks of common interventions.)

Chapter 5: The Truth About Cesareans (When cesareans are needed and when they aren’t.  Benefits and risks.  VBACs)

Section Three: Making Birth Decisions

Chapter 6: How Do I Decide?  (Informed decision-making skills utilizing current data and personal revelation.)

Chapter 7: Partnering With Your Father in Heaven (Growing closer to your God through the process of childbirth.)

Section Four: How Birth Affects the Family

Chapter 8: Emotional Outcomes

Chapter 9: Postpartum Depression

Chapter 10: Raising the Next Generation of Birthers

Chapter 11: A Husband’s Guide to Supporting and Protecting His Family


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