“I had the most amazing birth experience with Marie. Her knowledge and expertise expanded further than a typical Doula. I was very comforted and felt supported by her throughout the entire process. She prepared my husband and I for what to expect in a realistic way and because of this I was confident and calm. The added music made the birth romantic, beautiful, calming, supportive and personal. I cannot imagine having another birth without her presence. Thank you Marie!”  Natalie J.


“When my husband and I found out I was pregnant, one of the first discussions was our birth.  We both agreed that a natural birth if possible would be the best decision. As we read and spoke with friends we decided a doula would be most helpful and give us the best opportunity for a natural birth.  We chose Marie after a recommendation.  Marie came to our house and answered our questions and concerns.  Then she checked in first and second trimester and then we took a music birth class offered by her third trimester.  Marie was attentive and caring and was supportive of our decisions. A few weeks before my delivery, Marie was checking in regularly and helped me remain patient after my due date passed.  Finally, the day of delivery, Marie spoke with me via telephone in the morning and evening when I was questioning labor. She then came to the hospital once we decided we needed her support. She was tremendous throughout the labor and delivery. She was able to lend an objective calmness and coaching that encouraged me and kept me focused. She was able to help my husband but never stood in his way.  She also acted as my advocate with hospital staff.  I delivered natural without medications and wouldn’t change a thing. Marie was awesome and followed up later as well. I would definitely recommend a doula to anyone, especially first timers who are considering a natural birth and Marie absolutely is top notch!”  Anntara S.


“Marie has attended the last 2 of my 3 births.  My first birth was a rather traumatic unscheduled emergency cesarean.  I hired a doula because I knew a doula would increase the chances of a successful VBAC.  I have put off writing this since I am sure I do not have the words to say what having her at my births has meant for me.  My first labor was very long, and I am certain I would not have made it all the way through without her extra support.  She went above and beyond what I expected in terms of support.  I had not labored before and so did not know what to expect, but she was there, constantly pressing me to keep the labor going.  Baby came out eventually, and the OB said if I had chosen an epidural (would have been likely without Marie!) that my labor would have stalled and the birth would have been cesarean.  So for my second birth, we asked Marie to attend again.  Fortunately she was available!  My second labor was very different from the first.  I expected another long, multi-day labor, but with the second labor, the contractions were always ahead of me.  Marie was there with every contraction, reminding me to stay with it. I’m sure I would have lost it on my own!  I wouldn’t labor without her!”  Amy M.


“I am so grateful that I found Marie Bigelow for my second birth with my second son.  I used a doula eighteen months ago for my first birth in Seattle, and since have told every pregnant woman that I’ve come across how essential doula support was for the success of my birth experience.  My family moved to Boise half way through this second pregnancy and I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find the same exceptional coaching and encouragement that I had depended on with my first.  Man, did we luck out!   Marie met us at our home and we discussed our birth hopes and expectations, what worked and what didn’t work in our first birth, and what our attitudes were about intervention.  Marie left us with several music cds that she encouraged me to listen to at bed time to help train myself to quickly register and recognize music assisted relaxation. When it was time Marie met us at the hospital, so cheery and comforting toward me the second she arrived.  Because of an abnormality in baby’s monitoring my midwife suggested that she break my bag of waters to get labor progressing faster.  I decided to go for it and found myself thrust into hard, active labor very quickly.  Marie massaged my back and helped me vocalize my contractions.  She was there to show my husband how he could comfort; I heard the familiar music playing in the room. I remember crying out that I didn’t know how much longer I would be able to do ‘this’ (meaning without epidural).  As we discussed earlier, Marie acknowledged my statement and we continued working through the next waves of contractions – one at a time.  I had a natural childbirth (again), and having Marie there gave me the confidence to do it.  She is everything that a doula should be and she cares so much… I’ll remember her part of my precious experience for the rest of my life.”  Hilary K.


“I found Marie on Doula Match and was immediatly intrigued by the concept of music birth. I was impressed to find Marie had a Bachlors degree and thought what a beautiful way to apply that knowledge. I had two previous hospital births in which the babies were perfectly healthy but I was very disappointed with the experience and the manner in which I had been treated. Third time around I heard about the benefits of having a doula.

Marie is an attentive listener and so understanding! She kept in touch with me during my pregnancy and was always available for questions and concerns. I attended her music birth preparation class and it was FULL of helpful knowledge and I felt very excited and prepared afterwards. I learned so much from her even having two previous pregnancies.

When the day came, it was a little awkward at first because I barely knew her but she has a personality that makes you feel instantly comfortable and calm and the awkwardness faded quickly. She didn’t hesitate and just jumped right in as soon as she arrived.  I knew the music was going to be great but I had no idea, until I was in the moment, how powerful music therapy really was! As my labor progressed and became more intense the music she used coincided rather scientifically with the process. Instead of thinking about the pain of the contractions, I was thinking “Gosh, this music is amazing and the massage feels SO good”. The music and a special massage technique that she uses commanded my focus and helped me stay in control of myself.  Her words were so empowering and encouraging and kept me going no matter how bad it hurt. She captured incredible pictures of the event and put together a beautiful blog post. She made my birth experience so memorable and I am forever grateful to her.

Marie genuinely cares for her clients and gives 110%. She even kept in touch afterwards to make sure I was adjusting well. I hope she can make special memories for you also.”  Maggie B.

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