Music and Miracles, Self-Study Childbirth Education

I am thrilled to announce my new self-study option: Music and Miracles.  This course is designed to help you understand the difference between a low-risk and high-risk birth, understand the physiology and physicality of birth, understand the benefits and risks of common medical interventions, learn how to make informed decisions, learn how to create effective playlists for your labor and birth, and learn how to increase relaxation and decrease pain.

$75  Course Includes:

One copy of The Sacred Gift of Childbirth

The Sacred Gift of Childbirth: Making Empowered Choices for you and Your Baby discusses the miracle of life from a faith-based perspective, believing that a loving God designed your body with the purpose of giving birth.  It teaches the reader how to make informed birthing decisions based in scientific data, personal preferences, and intuition.  Jam-packed with current research from the most reputable sources, you can feel confident in your new understanding of childbirth and confident in your ability to give birth.

Handbook to my Music Birth Class

The Music Birth Handbook gives you all the information you need to learn how to make relaxing and beautiful playlists for your upcoming labor and birth.  It teaches you how to combine deep breathing, relaxation, imagery, and other comfort measures with effective music to help you have a safe and comfortable birth.  Created and written by Marie Bigelow, this handbook combines helpful skills and information from the fields of Music Therapy, Doula Support, and Childbirth Education.


Music samples for each playlist category

Guided imagery tracks to help you fully understand the information and master guided relaxation.

Original music composed with the birthing woman in mind.

One, 3o minute phone-call with Marie to answer any questions you may have.

Marie Bigelow is an advanced certified doula, childbirth educator, music therapist, maternal/fetal health advocate, author and mother.  She and her husband, Todd, reside in Boise, ID, where they are enjoying raising their 4 children.  Read more about Marie here.

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