Services Overview


Doula Serives, $800

When you hire me, you gain access to my 3 greatest strengths:

My hands- that have comforted and supported over 100 laboring moms.

My heart- that loves what I do and believes in your ability to give birth.

My mind- that has researched childbirth intensely and has a firm understanding of the benefits and risks of most birthing scenarios.


Music Birth Class, $100/couple

As a one-night comprehensive class, Music Birth is perfect for busy parents-to-be, a great refresher course for experienced parents and an empowering class for all parents who want to have a safe and comfortable birth. This class teaches moms how to become deeply relaxed, support people how to effectively encourage and comfort the birthing woman, and is the only class that teaches how to effectively use music during birth.


My Book, $13

Finally!  A resource that discusses the spiritual and scientific truths regarding childbirth.  Learn the benefits and risk of all types of births, and learn how to make safe and informed decisions regarding the birth of your child.  In addition, learn to trust in God’s divine design of childbirth, and discover the many ways He blesses and magnifies the birthing woman.

Self-Study option $75

Includes one copy of my book, Music Birth Handbook and Practice CD, one phone call with me, and unlimited emailing.

Belly Binding $75

My professional binding technique gently guides your ribcage, abdomen, organs, muscles and hips back to their pre-pregnancy position.  It also supports your back, encourages healthy posture, and gently supports and firms your stomach.  I will teach you and your partner how to do the binding so you can utilize this technique on your own.

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